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Udvartanam (Powder Massage)

Udwarthanam is a special therapeutic massage using herbal powders. Classical treatises on Ayurveda explain this procedure as a daily routine.This massage involves upward stroking, where the warm herbal powder is rubbed  against the direction of the hair follicles. This is done in all the seven postures (Sitting, Supine, Right lateral, Supine, Left lateral, Supine, Sitting).It pacifies the aggravated Kapha Dosha, reduces the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues, helps in weight reduction, softens and exfoliates dead skin cells giving a lustrous glow to skin, tones the skin, eliminates bad body odor, improves mobility of joints, strengthens and tones up the muscles,improves the blood circulation, refreshes and rejuvenates the body. The client is provided with a shower option with Ayurvedic soap according to the client's preference.


  • 60 min  -  100 EUR

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